About me

Hi I’m Shoin Wolfe, Founder of Shoka Sonjuku. I’ve started multiple companies and grown user retention, engagement, and conversion for products with millions of users. I’ve designed and grew products for startups to large enterprises as an employee or an advisor. You can see the companies I’ve worked with here

I’ve co-founded 3 companies: 1 VC backed, 1 acquired, 1 got shutdown due to Covid, and 1 I’m currently growing. 

I started my career as a venture capitalist in Tokyo at Digital Garage, which helped me understand what it takes to build a company from zero and scale. I then transitioned to becoming a product designer, eventually becoming the lead designer for companies like Street Academy, Teller, and an undisclosed large financial trading platform in Japan. Through years of measuring the outcome of my designs, I became obsessed with product analytics and data. I found being data-driven was the quickest and most effective way to assess the problems with any product and find opportunities for growth.


I grew up in both Japan and US, and consider both my home. In the US I was in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Evergreen, Colorado. After graduating high school, I went to college in Japan(ICU), and have stayed here ever since. Why do I stay in Tokyo? Because it is infinitely interesting, strange, and lovable. Yet, I fear for its future. There’s a sever lack of innovation and good-practices when it comes to innovation and product building. My goal has become to help the Japanese economy in any impactful way that I can, and that happened to materialize in the form of promoting the practice of data-driven growth.